Monday, November 26, 2007

And The Answer Is...

Tonight at supper, MLH and I discussed where we are in this season of our lives. I mean, do you ever wonder where you are in the grand scheme of things? Are you behind? Ahead? Right on time? Or not in the drill of things at all? (Pardon the oilfield talk, but you get…the drill.) These are just a few of the things that came up between us.

1. Are we striving - or stilled? Are we vibrantly (think tuning fork vibrant) in sync with the Holy Spirit? Are we at rest?

2. Are we fulfilling the purposes of God for our lives? Do we know what that purpose is? (And this isn’t a questionnaire for “A Purpose-Filled Life” – matter of fact, it’s not a questionnaire at all – just a list of some of the things we talked about.)

3. What if there really is no spoon? (Think “The Matrix”). What if all we see and wish for is vain imagination?

4. Fellowship with other believers…what is that? Are the life-line relationships in our life just that? Life-giving? Sustaining? Equal in measure? Would these people chase sleep for us? Better yet, do we chase sleep for them, since it’s not about us?

5. I always say, “I’m just here to serve.” Am I? Serving? Or delusional? And if I am serving, am I serving Him, or man, or both?

6. Another Janie-ism: “I was born to die.” Do I? Die to everything, for Him? How can I measure that? And is my measure, His measure?

7. All this stuff is being published. All these speakers are speaking. People are always saying to us, “You need to read this book, right now! It’s what God is saying!” You know how some people talk just to fill the void? Well, what if God is corporately silent right now – like in the time after Malachi? Those 400 years? And those people are just talking and writing to fill the void?

8. We know we are to have no roots in this world – but what does that mean in relationship to our lives?

Now, if all those questions don’t jack you up, I don’t know what will. (Y’all should do supper with us sometime – it’s not boring!) My mind is going 110 mph right now – so I had to write it down. We’re going to be doing some praying and seeking, some thinking – and listening. Once (if) we figure all this out, maybe I’ll share the answers. But…don’t hold your breath, because I don’t know the timing. God does. (And, anyway…if you hold your breath too long, it might give you a whole new meaning to dying…and I don’t think that’s what He means when He says we must die to self. )

PS – Question 9. Man…how can God love a irreverent woman like me?


Panhandle Poet said...

Sometimes I think God wants us to quit all of the doing and be still for a minute -- so we can truly hear what He is saying to us.

Tricia said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about. The fact that you are always analyzing, questioning, & seeking is evidence enough to me that you're on the right track.

Whatever the circumstances, you will's our human nature. But please don't worry about your service, your purpose, your fellowship, your place on the path. God has you right where He wants you at this very instant, even though you wonder.

And I especially agree with's always been a little disconcerting to me how 'big' one person can get over the book(s) they write, or seminars they give. Being that they're human just like everyone else, I always wonder if their hearts are still headed in the right direction after all this new-found fame and popularity.

When it comes down to it, the only book you need is THE Book. God is never silent as long as we have that.

I'm stepping down now. I just want to encourage and comfort you if I can...hugs!

jonboy said...

Very thought provoking questions.
...the puppy appears to be growing.
...I'm glad your friend is OK.

i beati said...

This is psychic . I wrote a similiar blog today in the wee hours about goals etc You pose some real profound questions here thanks sk

cherie said...

In response to #9, I don't understand why you perceive yourself as "irreverent". Perhaps God is happier when we look to HIM for answers instead of reading a bunch of "stuff" somebody wrote because they are convinced they have an inside track to what God is thinking or doing. I agree with Tricia - THE BOOK has the real answers and tons of examples - good and bad. Janie the irreverent - that's just funny!

scotte said...

Janie, I know you and MLH would not think of listening to me on these points.  But you are godly in the things you do, say , and feel. You told me once to question everything with "Is this of God?" It has helped me decide many actions. I truly use this over and over each day.
I like many, know you, know your heart, and can reassure you and MLH, that you both are shiny stars in the eyes of our lord.
As always HE will speak to you - in a way that you will never question- and your heart will be full and joyful!

Gwynne said...

Awesome post and profound questions, Janie. I'm printing out your post and discussing these things with MBH tonight! :-)

Janie said...

Poet - I agree.

Tricia - I definitely believe in seeking. Thanks for your comments, and your prayers.

Jonboy, Sandy - we gotta be seeking, right?

Cherie -- you don't think I'm irreverent? I am shocked! ;)

Scott - love you, mon...

Gwynne - have fun, chica! And thanks!

little david said...

Well, Janie, I am late responding to this, but it is a really good post. I agree with Tricia's comment. Something that I have to drill into my Biblical Interpretation students is to NOT run to the commentaries immediately, but to spend time reading and rereading the Bible. Read the passage out loud, copy it out on note paper, listen while someone else reads, read it in several translations. Then read it with a notepad and pencil, writing down questions. God is speaking; it is up to us to listen.

Janie said...

David - thanks for coming by! I agree with Tricia, as well. And you make a great point, yourself.