Thursday, March 11, 2010

Janie's Fun House

Tonight, our house was full of little munchkins.  Friends with kids came over for supper, as their house is being packed to move to another town.  I love children, but y’all probably knew that already, right?
These little girls are beautiful.  The two oldest wanted to eat their supper in the TV room, so we set them up on our coffee table.  I soon went to check on them, and got there just in time to rescue their food from Zack the Wonderdog.  It seems that the girls had gone exploring in the room, and weren’t watching their food.
While they were exploring, they found this bowl that’s sole purpose is  to house the remote.  Instead, the girls found all sorts of treasures in this bowl.
They found:
An H2S monitor
A lens cap for my camera
A small part of the vacuum cleaner
A sock that someone had rescued from Zanna the Wonderdog
Some highlighters
One of those stretchy headbands with a light on it - for nighttime reading while camping.
A lipstick, and nail polish (thank God I was around for that find!)
It seems our maids have been stashing whatever they find laying around in that bowl.
Of course, girls being girls, we had to try the lipstick on everyone.
And then, we had to get the little mirror in the bathroom out, so the girls could admire themselves.
And while one young lady took me into her mom to show her our lipstick, the little sister found a sheet of postage stamps...
And proceeded to decorate the little mirror with the entire sheet, one stamp at a time.
ThatManILove has a desk in this room, and the oldest girl found a hole punch.  That and the highlighters, augmented by some post-it notes, kept her entertained for the better part of an hour.
Who says you need toys to entertain kiddos?

They're coming back tonight for a rerun.  Wonder what we'll find?
Tonight was too much fun.


Junosmom said...

Wow! They are very - inquisitive!
Put up the permanent markers.

Anonymous said...

When you said "a lense for my camera" I thought for a split second that it was broken, lol.
Awww... playing with make up, how cute. :)
I hardly played in my mom's make up when I was a kid, I was quite the tomboy, now I'm this girly thing... oh well I like it. have fun tonight!!

Anne said...

Give a child a piece of paper and some scissors and they love it!

SSP said...

never ever ever let them out of your sight!!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

LOL... sounds fun. What color makeup? I might like to try some.... My niece, when she was younger, would totally be happy with a sheet of stickers for her birthday.

lisa said...

Good job Janie, paper bags and some colors make puppets and so on. Great Job!!

i beati said...

tongue in cheek - they will grow up to be very smart kids..

my grandaughter was like that . I on the other hand was taught to touch nothing and am dumb as a stump. hahha and now fro some cake

Terri aka Pepsi's Mom said...

Keep lots of postage stamps around:) my job security:)

Anonymous said...

Yep... take all a child's plastic toys away from Wal-Mart and they could still find something to play with. That's the way it should be.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Susan said...

Sounds like a fun night. I hope you found yourself in that remote bowl. Your last post has me concerned...

In_spired said...

Hi, JanieGirl!

Cute post! I'm weird butI love the inquisitiveness of kids. In fact, I love kids! Guess that's the "school teacher" emerging from this body of mine.

Hope all is well with you and your's.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ah Postage stamps are just stickers after all..perhaps you should just spring for some toys! :)

Paige Lacey said...

Everyone should have a junk bowl. Junk drawers are so '50's... ;p