Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Lost A Week - Can Someone Tell Me Why?

How did this week fly by?
Let me count the ways. Work takes up a lot of time.  And then...constant entertainment. I think it started last week, when friends came over for supper two nights in a row (they were moving, and had no kitchen.) Here are some pix of their little girlies.  Beautiful?  You betcha.  Sweet babies, all of them.

Last Saturday found us tooling around Midland, checking out real estate.  Yup.  Not to move, though, just to see what was hanging out on the foreclosure market.  Because I’m always looking for the next best deal. We saw some funny stuff, some cool stuff, and some very very scary stuff.  Interesting.  Verrrrrry interesting, people.
Saturday evening, I took some pix of a beautiful young lady. We had to book it to beat sunset (look hard, you can see the fading light in the background.  Cool, huh?  Who knew?)

Sunday morning, at dawn, more pix of the beautiful young lady, plus her beautiful sisters. We shot four locations in one hour and took over 300 shots.  And had fun! 

Then, we cooked out for Younger Son and friends.  Or wait, was that Saturday?  Arrrrrgh. All week, ThatManILove worked on taxes, and readied for his next frac job.  He was a busy man, sometimes home, sometimes on location.  And I worked.
We had dinner with clients or coworkers every. single. night.  And this morning, we’ll do brunch with co-workers considering moving to Midland.
Plus, the Little Brother and a friend spent the night.  They woke up at 6:30 am, I heard them drop something.
And I wonder why I look up, and it’s yet another holiday?  Yikes.  Okay.  Off to brunch.

(PS - having font trouble when I post pix to Blogger.  Sorry for the disarray!)



Sandy Kessler said...

you busy lady you -how's the job and you are feeling good? Dogs been out shooting with you?I buried my cat , cried and cried , am finishing my job and sadly but Spring is nudging me.. to better daysd saying goodbye to 2010 kids,..sigh

midlife slices said...

Honey, I'm to the point I'm losing whole years. It's very scary indeed. :)

Sarah Lulu said...

You are such a talented photographer ..and why did nobody tell me we are in a new decade??!?!?!

Fragrant Liar said...

I'm losing days . . . all the time.

Sweet pictures of the babes and the young ladies.

Fresh Mommy said...

Wow, that wore me out just reading about all of this... and I thought I was busy with a newborn!! haha, well I am busy, just a different kind of busy ;) Hope you get some rest in the mix soon!!