Friday, November 13, 2009

Contest Winners for the Pennsylvania Contest

This virus is draining me. I don’t think I have one brain cell left! And I don’t even drink...well, okay, sometimes. Maybe.

I totally forgot I have a contest to award! And it's Friday the 13th, so no matter what the boogity woogities tell ya, it is your lucky day!

Last week, we flew into the PA. I asked you bloggers the following question:

Wait. Did I tell you how much you all rock for even indulging me in this game I call life? Well, you do! Rock!!

We are going to:_______(fill in the blank!).

Next time I’ll be a little more specific, but I knew y’all would be creative and funny. And I promised that the funniest answer gets a $50 gift card to his/her choice of stores. And then, I promised that the closest answer gets a $75 give care to his/her choice of stores.

Who won?

Funniest: Sandy at ibeati. Her answer?

We are going to: Intercourse, Pennsylvania or to see my mother in Quakertown but do not tell her you went to Intercourse first!! (I could just see me telling Sandy's mom - "We did Intercourse this morning, then drove to Quakertown.")

Closest: Irish Gumbo

We are going to: Hellinnahandbasket, a small town not too far from Pittsburgh. It’s warm there, I hear. :)

What did we really do?

We went to: Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, (right behind the Trax Farms) ( a place not too far from Pittsburgh) (see why he won?) to a housewarming party at John and Suzan’s new house. It was hotter than Hellinnahandbasket because so many people were there. And it’s a two story house with a basement, people, plenty of room, but packed, packed, packed with people! A steaming success! Okay, it wasn’t that hot, but it was packed! And fun! And the new house is BEAUTIMOUS! Suzan, Becky, John, Cara all worked their butts off to make this party go down.

And I have to give a third award to VodkaMom, because she threatened me and made me laugh. You’ll have to go back to comments to read it. I’m trying really hard to keep things PG13 here.

So, Sandy, Irish, and VodkaMom (you heifer), e-mail me with your choice of stores, and your addresses, and the cards will be in the mail post-haste!

Congratulations!!! One more question...

Do you think that's enough contests for one month?


hip chick said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. You are very funny girl....

Vodka Mom said...

omg you MADE MY DAY!!!!!!! Now I might have to keep from kicking your ass.

OXOXOX STARBUCKS!!! A MILLION dollars, please.

:-) hahahahaha

Joanie M said...
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Joanie M said...

Congrats winners! Not sure how I missed this post. (John does distract me when he's here on the weekends).

Wolfy said...

Janie - I just found your blog through your coment on Lizzy's BBBS post (the Fisherbabe) - very nice blog to read - well written, great humor. I've signed on as a follower and look forward to lots more entertaining reading. If you want more fishing and outdoor reading, stop over my way at Flowing Waters


La Belette Rouge said...

Lovely to see you! I have been having trouble keeping up my blogging as I have been studying for state board exams. I hope that by next month I will be completely done with studying and get back to what's important( blogging). Hope you had a great trip and that you feel better soon.

i beati said...
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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Sandy didn't post anything offensive - I removed Sandy's comment because she posted her address on here.

I'm not sure if that's wise to do, so I took the liberty of taking down her comment.

So, Sandy-girl, I'll send you an e-mail explaining what I did! Love love love ya!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Sandy's comment, minus her personal info:

I think it takes someone pretty hearty to see humor when as sick as you are and me the last 2 months-- I thought you were going to say something about choosing Intercourse over bird in hand- I live in Fla and am so appreciative at Christmas of such a lovely offer.We have Marshalls,Sears of course, Belk Lindsay, and Bealls and J C Pennys locally. Anything will make me smile and will replace something for my home that burned a year ago. Slow going..Merci beaucoup!!Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wolfy said...

Janie - thanks for checking in over at my blog. I was planning on staying with a friend who lives on the Little Red River. I 'll certainly reschedule - just not sure when. My blog will keep you posted