Sunday, March 18, 2007


Thanks so much for all your prayers over the last few days.

I returned from Lubbock tonight, after attending the funeral of my son's friend. The huge church was, of course, full of young people, and their parents, and people whose lives had been touched by this vibrant young lady and her family. It was a beautiful service, for a beautiful one.

Elder Son helped the family plan the service, and served as a pallbearer. I went to the funeral, just to be there for my son. Yesterday, we were able to spend an hour alone, prior to Elder Son and others playing guitar and singing at the goodbye gathering last night. Both sets of parents (the young lady’s parents, as well as the parents of the young man that Elder Son rescued) hosted the get-together. Though many were nervous about it, I believe the gathering will further the young people gaining closure.

I know that I am breathing better after spending some one-on-one time with Elder Son. We just sat in his truck, and he talked, I listened, and marveled that he is alive. He has scratches all over him. He described the entire ordeal. It’s helping him to talk it out, I think.

We are all proud of this young man. He showed great courage and presence of mind – in calling 911, in running for help, and then, realizing something else had transpired during his short absence, running back and rescuing his young friend. This has been a very intense, adrenaline-driven ordeal. I asked him once again, before we parted, how he was doing, overall.

He said, “I’m okay, Mom, as long as I’m busy, during the day. When I try to go to sleep, it all happens again. I just keep reliving it - over and over.”

I know that the Lord, and time, will heal him. For now, as his Mom, my heart breaks.


Geo said...

I think Elder Son must have had a pretty good Mom.

Karen said...

Good work, Mom. You've raised a fine, responsible, mature young man. I hope he finds peace soon.

Janie said...

Thanks, George and Karen. I tried.
He is a good young man.