Friday, March 9, 2007

Saved by Dawn

On the way up to Missouri, we found a trailer light was malfunctioning on the horse trailer. The guys got out to work on it…after raiding Dawn’s toolbox in the back of her truck.

The plug was out, and Dawn, always prepared, had a replacement plug on standby. Here, the guys are diligently working on it. Andy is the one with the hat, and MLH is on the right.

And here, you see Dawn taking over the project and finishing up the work, hereby saving the day.
You'd think she had worked on this trailer before, or something. She may be a tiny little mite, but the girl is simply...


Who says women aren’t handy and prepared?

And me? Well, who do you think took the picture?


Karen said...

Further proof, if you want a job done right, send a woman!

Janie said...

Karen - you know that's right!