Friday, March 30, 2007

It's a bird, it's superman, no wait...that's...our son!!

The long suffering readers of this blog know our boys can find themselves in the wildest situations. This one ranks pretty high in the “What? You did WHAT? TELL ME THAT AGAIN, SON?” (as MLH’s heart fibrillates…)

I’m so glad we knew about it already, because this bulletin was sent out from Younger Son’s MySpace ™ account.

It’s a bird, its superman, no wait, that’s T’s plane falling…

so yesterday around 4:30 i was flying solo, practicing stalls, and on my last one i ended up entering into an inverted spin (the plane was spinning horizontally while upside down). it's a good thing i was just over 5000 ft, bc it took me about 2000 to recover. i still dont know how i lived considering we aren't trained (our ground school teacher told us one time last semester) how to recover from spins, and there's a less than 20% chance of recovery, but here i am.

so hallelujah.

bc i'm convinced that skill had nothing to do with it love-T


And once again, his father and I say, “Thank you, Lord. Your mercies are neverending.”


Rachel said...

Your sons lead interesting lives! I'm sure you wish their lives were so less so!

Janie said...

Rachel, all I know is that I trust the Lord for the both of them. He knows their destinies - He designed them - sometimes, we just have to breathe through it - with thanks. I have often wondered why people think Lamaze ends with the baby's birth...I'm still utilizing that method of breathing, all these years later...;)

Gwynne said...

Hallelujah, indeed! Lord, have mercy! You must be very thankful about now. :-)

Janie said...

Way thankful, Gwynne.

Karen said...

And we have the gray hair to prove our years of mothering!

Exciting, though, for your son!

Foo said...

Hey, that's cool that you're able to keep up with your son that way. My mom's always telling me I should be a writer, but she refuses to read my blog. I could spontaneously combust, and she'd never know... although, now that I think of it, that would be as much because it would be tough to blog the news about having spontaneously combusted once one had done so.

Still... I guess it's a good thing, my thinking she might one day pop in. Mom-safe content and all that.

Your sons sound like they must be part cat. Nine lives kind of thing.

Janie said...

Karen - no doubt. Good thing, this highlighting of hair!!

Foo - oh yes, both sons are prolific writers. Mostly, their words come out in song, but this younger one is always captioning stuff, pictures, etc. on the net.

As to the nine lives, yeah. I wish they had 18. Or maybe 27.
God knows, though...

Trace said...

"Thank you Lord, your mercies are neverending." So very true.