Sunday, March 25, 2007

Catching up...

A blogging friend, Emma , has been through a lot lately - and she and her family were way blessed in the past week. This story will bless your socks off – go check it out!

Friday night found Younger Son and I heading north of town to a bible study. He met me at the office, and we headed out together. We saw lots of friends, and met new ones, and had a good time. It was a fun and blessed thing to do together.

Another personal blessing - Elder Son and friends came down yesterday to participate with me in a clay shoot. A good time was had by all. Regarding the incidents in his life lately, it’s hard to discern how well he is doing. One of his friends told me that the hardest thing is that people keep asking Elder Son all the details, and that is keeping the accident right in front of him continuously. His friends continue to surround him, and that’s a good thing. He is still having a hard time sleeping, and he told me nighttime is the hardest. Please continue to pray for him.

We saw lots of friends at the clay shoot yesterday. My score made it evident I’d not been shooting in a while. I hope I can devote more time to this sport in the near future – I need consistency. I won another shotgun in the drawing - a Beretta AL391 Urika. Woohoo! We’ve been thinking about switching brands, so we’ll see how it goes.

Elder Son picked up another one of Andy’s hunting pups for a friend in Lubbock yesterday. This little girl pointer pup was a cutie! She loves to stand on her hind legs (like she’s begging, but she’s just curious!) and she has a ton of personality. When Dawn delivered her to me on Friday, the pup had an accident in her crate – she’d not traveled in a truck much. I reminded Elder Son to bring a kennel with him, that she’d have to ride in the back of his truck. When we were visiting on the phone Friday, concerning the pup, I had remarked about how well she traveled. Yesterday, I reminded him why he needed the crate, and he said, “Mom, I thought you said she traveled well.” I said, “I did – but I was talking about her gait!” We all cracked up. Elder Son is supposed to deliver the pup today – but the way he was talking last night after he got her home to Lubbock, he’s already fallen in love with her.

MLH and I went to supper last night with Younger Son, LB1, and two of Younger Son’s friends. These four young people are hilarious together! The three older boys telling stories, and LB1 just absorbing it all. Lots of laughs and a good time was had by all. This was the first weekend LB1 has stayed overnight at our house – I think he’s had a good time. MLH and LB1 went to the driving range, to the movies, and then home. They left for early breakfast this morning, then MLH delivered LB1 back to his mom at church. We’ve been blessed by having LB1 in our lives. If you have 4-7 hours a month to spare, think about becoming involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters – you can positively affect the life of a young one – and yours!


Rachel said...

Sent prayer his way. Glad you had a good weekend!

Bob said...

You're right, that did bless my socks off, now I can't seem to find them. Emma's story is a good example of how quickly life can change, both for good and bad.
Glad to hear Elder son has good friends to hold him up. Between them and family he will be fine.
Was the clay shoot the one held in Stanton?

Janie said...

Rachel - thanks so much!

Bob - yes, the clay shoot was in Martin County, north of 1208 on 1212. We're out there lots!

Foo said...

You won a shotgun? And it sounds like it's not the first time. That's awesome.

[pushing out bottom lip and scuffing toe in the dirt]

I never win anything.

Janie said...

Foo, I did! You make me laugh.

Actually, we were counting...I think that is my 11th gun. We donate most of them back to other fundraising shoots, so I certainly don't have them all. I am shooting a gun I won presently, and have another that I gave to MLH. I've already been approached by a buyer for this one, and am contemplating selling it.

I'm going to get an over and under at some point.