Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Sweet It Is

This weekend, we visited a local eatery, Pizzeria Venti. We’re friends with the owners, who joined us for supper along with another friend.

When the night was over, we came back to the house, and our friend decided to camp out in our guest bedroom, as she and ThatManILove had been test-driving the wine.  I was the designated driver, so all was good, since I rarely imbibe.

This friend of ours is quite musical, and loves to sing. She made some off comment about the guitars, and I said, “If you ask him, he’ll probably play.”

She did.

And he did.

We started out with some James Taylor (of course) and progressed into worship music. It was fun, and washing. And what a joy to hear our friend sing. Before the weekend was over, we even broke out my Korg keyboard and amp and let her at it. Sweet stuff.

Simple pleasures, people. Simple pleasures.


Anonymous said...

simple pleasure - they cost nothing or very little money but happiness immense. Good you smile.

Cheryl (Turtle) said...

Yep. There's nothing better in life. Love those moments!

SSP said...

sounds like a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Getting drunk and praising the lord. cant quite get my arm around that.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

No one was drunk, far from it. We simply don't take a chance if anyone drinks wine with their supper or otherwise, I drive.