Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Do What They Say, Say What You Mean, One Thing Leads To Another"*...aka Effective Lessons In Communication

Yesterday, my brother Scott and I shot in the 2nd Annual Rock Bottom House Shoot with a friend. (The Rock Bottom House/Café is an establishment in Odessa, owned and operated by Tamara Moersch. This place is a great café by day, and after lunch opens up to at-risk youth around 2pm. It’s a safe place for them to hang out, receiving tutoring and counseling, play pool, and do their homework. And the shoot is the Rock Bottom House annual fundraiser.)

We had a great time, the weather was beautiful. The shooting lesson I took last week helped me get back on track, though I must say that Little Brother is quickly creeping up on my score, and he’s had zero lessons. He’s just a natural.

When we were young, Scott and I attended a private school where French was a part of the scholastic requirement. As such, we learned quite a bit of the language, though we rarely utilize it today. We sometimes lapse into French without even thinking, especially on the easy stuff.

We’re in the shooting cart (i.e., glorified golf cart) with our friend, who is driving. I'm sitting next to him, Scott is in the back seat. Our friend is the epitome of a smart-alec. He is one of those guys who loves to have the last word ; however, he has a huge heart and we love him. I can’t even remember how it started, or what we were discussing, but it went something like this:

Scott: I got it.

Janie: Pardonnez-moi, sil vous plait?

Scott: J’ai comprende.

We laugh.

Friend, out of the blue: Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Scott and I look at each other in shock, and try not to crack up. I mean, this guy is a customer. I can’t even breathe, I’m trying not to bust a gut laughing. Our friend looks at us, quizzically. He knows something’s up, he’s just not sure what it is.

Friend: What? What?

Janie (when I can talk): Ummm…do you know what you just said?

Friend: Well, no. I'm pretty sure it’s French, though.

Janie: (Man. I really don't want to do this.) You just said, “Will you lay down with me tonight?”

Friend, deep red in the face: I didn’t know what it meant, just that I thought it was French or something.

Scott and I trade looks, share a quick smile, and promptly change the subject. We're good like that, you know.

*Song reference: ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER, The Fixx, REACH THE BEACH album, 1983


thisisme said...

That is hilarious. As someone who did 10 years of French I would have been in the same place as you. I'm very impressed that you managed to do it - I would have struggled through snorts of laughter.

Janie said...

Thisisme - I think about it today, and I'm still laughing. It was hilarious, really.

doozie said...

You should start a traveling road show where you speak in French and if people don't understand what you are saying you take them out and subject them to french food such as ...uh, I can't remember the name but it is a French beef stew

Janie said...

Boeuf Bourguignon?

Karen said...

That is priceless. Imagine someone spouting off in a foreign language with no clue what he is saying!

I studied French in high school and college. Both private schools. Must come with the terrority!

My son is in French IV (AP) this year and plans to continue on in college. He was happy to hear it is the official language at the U.N., as he aspires to be a diplomat or in foreign service, something like that in his career years.

doozie said...

sorry it was "Coq au vin " which is chicken stew

MotherPie said...

Je comprend, aussi. Mais je ne comprends pas quelque chose que vous disez "shooting" -- un mot particulaire de Odessa? Shooting pool? Shooting golf? Shooting rifles?

Janie said...

Karen - wow! I'm impressed with Pondering Son! As to the story, it was funny, wasn't it?

Doozie - shows how much I know!

Motherpie - C'est magnifique! (Okay, that was easy!;)) As to your shooting questions, we shoot sporting clays - and the event Saturday was a fundraiser.

scotte said...

okay I feel I must confess! When Janie left our private school, (because the school only went up to a certain grade), I pitched a fit and Mom let me transfer to public school also.
What I am trying to say is I know very little French. As a matter I only knew what our friend said because he was quoting a song!!!
I have no idea how this girl can remember so much of what we learned as kids. I sure can't.
Oops , I guess that could stem from those years as a hippie.
Thanks for letting me set the record straight.
Thanks for the shooting lesson ,Janie!!! Yepper I got beat by my sister..........again.