Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Guess Who Review

If you read my last blog, you’ll note I was a little hesitant about this past weekend’s plans. I’m not a fan of company gatherings, for the most part. But this one was…okay.

And when it came to The Guess Who concert, said company gathering turned downright excellent. My employer rented the entire Woodlands Pavilion (to tell you how big, Kanye West played there the night before), and solicited sponsors, and opened it up to all employees and their families, as well as customers and sponsors. All of the money raised was donated to various charities, which was way up my alley.

Our CEO told us that he had seen this show in Vegas, and it was excellent.


We had a great time, our friends were ecstatic and we all swayed and sang to the music. There was a little dance floor opened up in front of the stage, and people were jamming. The libations were flowing, and the only thing missing was lighters in the air and a certain kind of smoke, if you get my drift. Grooooooovy, maaaaaaan. Raised Blackberries just don’t exude the same ambiance.

Garry Peterson, drummer/songwriter and one of the original co-founders of the band was joined by Jim Kale, another original co-founder, songwriter and bassist. Each of the band members told stories throughout the night, and were very entertaining. The Guess Who started up in the late sixties, and continued through the seventies.

I totally considered this a band of my time, but my fellow attendees at the concert were a bit older than MLH and I. They swore this was “their band, their era.” I don’t know about that…I knew every word of every song. They couldn’t believe it. MLH chalked it up to a couple of things: my brother Scott and I having an intense interest in music, plus growing up in the shadow of our older brother’s musical tastes. I chalk it up to Scott and I hanging with older running buddies throughout our high school years – most of them probably rock and rollers, at that. One of my friends kept saying, “Who knew you would know all the words to these songs? Who knew?” Well, heck, even I didn’t know I would! I couldn’t name a single The Guess Who song…until I got there.

And later, some of us were granted access to the VIP room, and given picture moments with the band. My friends ate that up, as well as the autographed CD’s they were presented.

And hey, Jim…this “American Woman” did not come “Undun”; matter of fact, she was “Laughing” and did the “Clap for the Wolfman”. Then, “These Eyes” vowed to “Share The Land”…before there is “No Time”.

If The Guess Who come to your town, go, see. Dance. Laugh.

If you knew them back in the day, you’ll reminisce. If not, you’ll enjoy.


Lone Chatelaine said...

Raised Blackberries?

Lmao! How corporate our generation has become. That's classic :)

I love that song "These Eyes".

Janie said...

I know. I tried it, it just didn't work. We all did it as a joke, and it was funny!

I know - that's one of my favorite songs, as well!

Anonymous said...

Okay, you win.

Janie said...

MLH loved your comment! He thought it was funny.

thisisme said...

Raised blackberries - what a great visual!

I'm glad you had a good time - I know what you mean about work gatherings sometimes.

Foo said...

That's cool, Janie. I know that The Guess Who have tended to get short shrift from the critics over the years, but I was a big fan when I was a kid. From your comments, I gather that Burton Cummings is no longer fronting the band. Obviously, you felt like that worked, but I have a tough time imagining how those old songs sounded in some other voice.

Janie said...

Thisisme - it was fun! Really!

Foo - Carl Dixon is fronting the band, and he was amazing in his own right. You can check them out at

scotte said...

You know I do get that "how in the world does a guy your age know that song?" alot. I always credited my two older siblings with the early indoctrination to Rock & Roll. The gift that made me realize at age 7 that I liked a different style of music than my friends was a 4 track tape of Ray Charles that Tony (older bro) gave me for xmas. I believe it was "Cryin Time" Janie do you remember that 4 track portable??
Tony gave us both tapes for that thing that year and I think yours was either Creedance or Guess Who?
8 tracks were everywhere by the next year or so. But the 4 track player died a quick and painless death.
Hi-Fi ruled. I still can see my Pioneer-Craig floor mounted 8 track player with a paper matchbook wedged under the tape to stop it from dragging.
1968 yellow Buick Convertible. Hand me down from you --Older Sister.
Wish I still had that old ride. And twenty others that the 3 of us owned. Remember Tony's 1968 Chevelle ss?

Snooty Primadona said...

I'm a jealous wreck! LOL! I do love The Guess Who and didn't even realize that they were still together. Or alive for that matter.

Glad to hear you all got some photo ops and enjoyed rocking out to their music. I would have for sure. How cool.

Janie said...

Scott - Dude. You're making me mist up. Of course I remember Tony's '79 Chevelle. I love the way that thing sounded - and drove!
Most of all, I miss Tony.

Snooty - it was wayyyyy. too. fun!
I couldn't belive it!!

Eric said...

Very cool. I pretty much have my car's XM radio tuned to the Sixties station and they play a lot of Guess Who. I think they were a better band than they often got credit for.

However, I have to admit that it took me a minute to figure out that "Raised Blackberries" wasn't something that you smoked. ;-)

scotte said...

It couldn't have been 79 that was after I graduated. 68 or 69 had to be. I know you wish we were 10 years younger but.......

Janie said...

Yeah. I know. I made a typo, then don't know how to correct it.

I am getting old.

(so are you!)

Janie said...

Eric - I can be pretty funny when I put my mind to it...unlike you, one who is naturally funny!

catd264 said...

Okay where's the pictures.

Janie said...

I know, stupid, huh, Cat? I couldn't take pix w/ my old blackberry...

But now, I have a pretty new red one!! woohoo!

Janie said...

I mean, that takes pictures...;)

Gwynne said...

Love the raised blackberries. Sounds like a much more fun corporate gathering than the ones I am accustomed to. We've never raised (or smoked) our blackberries. ;-) And we've certainly never been entertained by anyone, let alone the likes of Guess Who! Or Hanson for that matter. ;-)

Janie said...

"let alone the likes of Guess Who! Or Hanson for that matter."


H.A. Page said...

The concert venue in the Woodlands makes for magical concerts. We loved seeing James Taylor and Lyle Lovett there -- it seems so much more intimate than other sorts of settings.

Janie said...

Oohhh. I love Lyle Lovett. Saw him at San Antonio at the Majestic. Sweet.

And as to James Taylor? Love him, too. We're going to Lenox for July 4th concert. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for dropping by!