Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Weekendness

This is kind of random, but what the hey…

Just to let you know, I flew Continental on Friday. And I actually got home on the same day that was printed on my little Continental boarding pass. And…only 30 minutes late! Hallelujah! Yes, Virginia, there are such things as miracles !

MLH still had to stay out in the sticks, working on a well, and he came in Saturday. Saturday morning, I did a little shopping, had a meeting, then came home in time to greet MLH. Then, it was time to get ready for a supper date with friends. Our date started at 7pm, and I think we got home a little after 11. So, yeah…I’m tired – but we had such a good time, and we totally laughed all night. It was a blast.
Woke up this morning, MLH did the awesome breakfast thing, and I checked out some blogs. There's a new Midland blogger about, and I laughed until I cried at the story of Snooty Primadona's New Exercise Machine. Go check it out, you might cry, too!
Today we went with Younger Son to see the movie “Charlie Bartlett.” It was good, and funny. I needed that! And then, we went to supper with friends. Fun!
I don’t know if it’s spring, or the sunshine, or what, but I seem to be laughing lots lately! I was on the plane, reading a “Stephanie Plum” mystery – oh, yeah, baby, I read the deep stuff – and I laughed until I cried. Imagine – Janie, laughing, on a flippin’ Continental Embrier jet. Y’all know my lack of love for that airline. Janet Evanovich is so funny, I almost thought I was on Southwest or something.
The other day, we drove to Big Spring, to see Elder Son. He’s been working with his dad. (Before we go any further, I want to say that Elder Son’s dad and I share an excellent relationship. We both have worked hard to maintain a friendship for our son’s sake. ) ES had left some clothes at my house, and they were all laundered and starched. He asked me to bring them to him, since I was going to be in town anyway. So, MLH and I drive up to ES’ dad’s house, and they’re all working at the steer barn. I get out of my truck, clothes in hand. They’re working on one of their baby calves, all hands are busy, several people around.

ES: Hi, Mom! If you want, you can just lay those clothes right there in that trailer bed, it’s clean. I’ll be done in a minute and give you a hug.

ES’ dad, smiling: Wow. Must be nice to get freshly laundered, starched up clothes hand delivered to you, son. (He looks at me, then.) Where are mine?

Janie: Dude, you haven't left your clothes at my house in a long, long time.

I couldn’t believe I said it – it just came tumbling out of my mouth! After a moment of shock, everybody cracks up, even ES’ dad.

ES’ Dad: That was a good one.

ES: Oh, God, Mom, that’s awesome! She’s quick, Dad, don’t you remember?

ES’ Dad: Yup, she always has been!

Man. I’m so glad we all have a good relationship, thank God for that. I know other divorced families that don’t, and times like this that could be uncomfortable are pleasant and fun.
Had to take a break, go play best out of 5 Wii tennis with hubby. I beat him soundly. Now, he’s playing Wii Tiger Woods Golf. He better hurry, we have an early morning tomorrow – the oilpatch is calling. Oh, my gosh, I just heard a little crash, I bet he threw his controller off his wrist. Gotta go check.

Yep, he did. Nothing was hurt, thank God. Mike and Pam will testify that MLH gets a little too close to the ol’ TV when he’s Wii-ing…
I’m randomed out - y’all have a blessed week!!


Snooty Primadona said...

Dude! Ack! I mean girlfriend... that was like so totally cool that you said that, LOL!

Frankly, I'm exhausted after reading your blog! I can hardly move as it is, so now I'm totally over-exhausted.

I'm glad to hear someone has a friendly divorce. You might as well... you have a relationship called a kid. Too bad most people can't figure that one out.

thisisme said...

I've had a really good giggle at your completely randomness - Janet Evanovich does that to me too.

In_spired said...

I'm with "snooty"! (about being exhausted) And she's not nearly as old as I am! That makes me feel better....

Good to catch up on your life. But you didn't even MENTION Zack and Zoie! What's the deal??? (lol)

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Obviously the controller didn't go through the t.v.....

Janie said...

Snooty - I know, I know. I have to be nicer...

Thisisme - glad to make you giggle, girlfriend!

Inspired - it's getting to be shooting season, you'll probably overdose on Z&Z!

Poet - it did not. But I'm sure, someday, I'll be posting about that very event!! ;)

Pam said...

I'm glad the controller didn't break anything major...sounds like Steve's gonna have to get a super tether. I have a couple of short Evanovitch books (they are called between the numbers books)for you when you get to FW this week. Both are guaranteed to have you laughing til you cry, seriously! You can pack more day into a day than anyone I know. Looking forward to seeing you this week.

Lone Chatelaine said...

Lmao at you and Continental! They bug me too. I bet we've had the same experiences, maybe even been on the same flights.

I like you laughing a lot. Laughing is good :)

Janie said...

Pam- that's what this was, a between the numbers book, I think, "Plum Lovin'" or something like that. As to the MLH Super Tether, I'm all for it!

Chatelaine - laughing is good, girl! You got it! How was your weekend??? Good, I bet!

Snooty Primadona said...

Janie: You are like my new favorite blogger! Thanks so much for all the lip service... no people, not that kind, LOL!

I was actually able to do a load of laundry today w/ a minimal amount of pain. (Picture a robot from the 1960's here: bending @ the waist & the knees w/ not much else). I've now been worthless for what seems like days! Which makes your latest post make me feel even LESS productive than ever. Okay, I did make a fabulous spinach souffle from scratch tonight. Luckily, it didn't require the use of my stomach muscles, lol. Maybe that counts for a little something...

SpookyRach said...

"Janet Evanovich is so funny, I almost thought I was on Southwest or something."

Haaaaaa! Love that sentence! (I've just started reading Plum books. You're right - they're hillarious and plenty deep for me!)

Janie said...

Hey, Spooky, welcome back! I loooooove J. Evanovich, I swear. (I like the grandma the bestest, rallly, I do, dahling.)

Snooty - ummm...what time is supper! Spinach anything from scratch is good for me!! :)

Rach said...

Just make sure he doesn't play the wii when angry. I once accidentally banged the controller into the back of my head hehe. Don't ask :P.

Rach said...

Ps. if you like Janet, try Sarah Stroymeher!