Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kids Rock

This past weekend was crazy, but so much fun.

On Saturday, I ran to Big Spring to attend my grand-niece’s 4th birthday. It was SO much fun! She’s off the wall smart, and so much fun to be around! She’s definitely a girly-girl at heart, so her presents consisted of many different things…but her favorite? A remote controlled…..wait for it…yup, tarantula. Check out the picture. This girly cracks me up.

And then, I took "almost 1 year old" pix for a friend of a friend.  Isn't this one too sweet?

Saturday afternoon, our friend and godchild flew in from DFW, and surprised ThatManILove. He was so excited when he opened the car door, ostensibly to “help me haul things in”, and saw baby Ada Jael and her mom, True! (We had the window shades up so he couldn’t see them as he approached the vehicle.)
We have had the best time hanging with these two little ladies. True was raised in this area, so we just opened our house up, and friends filled the house. It was a joy to see everyone, and some even brought their own babies and little ones, making the weekend even more of a blessing!  Everybody fell in love with Baby Ada, and all of the little munchkins visiting.  Like this one...gorgeous!

And Zack?  Well, Zack fell in love with Baby Ada, too.


A Mom on Spin said...

a tarantula and a tiara. . .perfect together!

A. K. said...

So cute.. THe last picture is priceless..

TexasRed said...


(Although can't believe you came out this way and didn't call!)

SSP said...

is she really holding a tarantula???? and zack and ada are JUST precious :-) welcome home

Junosmom said...

Love the photo with the dog - you could sell that one!

Pam said...

All right Zack! He is so very experienced, check out the gray hairs on his sweet muzzle. I am thinking that Zanna caused those! Such a cute shot.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Pets and children, you can't have a better weekend I'm thinking.