Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slow (Walk, Don't Run...) Recovery

Well, the injured is recovering slowly.
I’ve been walking the mall almost every day, until Monday, when I visited my doctor.  He took my staples out, told me it was good to be walking, and to take it slow.  We went to the mall, did our requisite lap, and went home.
Tuesday, I hit the wall.  It was a miracle if I got out of bed for more than 10 minutes.  My incision started hurting again, and if possible, drained more than it had before.  Like I wanna gross you all out.  I think I need to start drinking some high dollar scotch...a lot of it...then I'll have a good reason to hurt!
After calling my doctor, I started breathing again - the nurse told me that after the staples are out, the wound has to go through another level of healing and that the wound would be “pulling” because it had lost its “support” in the staples.
WTH?  Good to know.  Like I could get out of the pain, anyway?
I could be taking pain pills, but they make me feel like shit funky.  It's just not worth it.

Today, we went back to the mall, and walked even further - hopefully, by the end of the week, I’ll be clocking two miles per day.  I know, that’s not very much, but you do it with an 8” incision, okay?  
No, don’t.  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone!
Thanks for all your support, I’m trying to get back in the swing of writing, and responding.  You guys rock.  Next story will be funny, I promise.

Oh, yeah - Did I tell you all my girlfriends were drooling over my surgeon?  Oh, yeah - they were a sight to see.  He could have told them I was dying, and they'd say, "Yes, sir, anything you want, sir."

Cracked ThatManILove and I flat up.


thisisme said...

Glad to hear you are walking - best thing for you. I hear you on the pain pills - I'm off mine too - want them to alleviate the pain but couldn't handle feeling that stupid all the time.

Wolfy said...

Keep up the exercise - you'll be healed up before you know it.

BTW - I can't walk 2 miles, and I have NO excuses! (Well , maybe I could, but it's not something I do often)


Irish Gumbo said...

Ouch. Glad to hear you are up and walking.

If I could figure out how to push scotch through the bandwidth, I would send you some via e-mail! It is okay if I hoist a dram in your honor?

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Thisisme - thanks so much, sweetheart! Glad you're doing better, as well!

Wolfy - you are making me laugh again! It STILL hurts!

Irish - I would be more than honored, kind sir! Slainte!

♥ Braja said...

My surgeon looked better than George Clooney. Corrrrrrrrrr........:)))

Mariah said...

Exercise is great! Glad to hear you're recovering. Um, and pulling?? WTF? Get some scotch

Anonymous said...

Why can't they make pain pills that make a person feel great instead of so crappy... fuzzy headed?

The Blue Ridge Gal
(glad to hear you are healing....listen to your handsome doctor and you'll do fine)

Rachel said...

I know the exercise isn't fun but it's true when they say you will heal faster... (Been there, done that, got the scar hehe). Ah staples... It made me laugh when I saw the staple remover. Looked like the one I'd just brought for the office because I'd had my surgery hehe (granted this was ten years ago now).

Vodka Mom said...

I am thinking of YOU!! I won't tell you about when my incision from my hysterectomy came APART. We won't talk about THAT.

Sending you love.