Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Susie/Doozie's Happy Box!!!

I received this Happy Box in the mail from Susie Badoozie today. She had received one, and showed the contents on her blog, and I whined. Thusly, I received. I'll try and figure out her thinking, but...she often carries a shovel around as a weapon of mass destruction. Or for protection. Or to look cool, I don't know. Something. Anyway, I don't want that silver hammer coming down on me! goes!

Firstly, this note.
Then, these tiny little gloves. My hands ARE NOT gargantuan!! The gloves are tiny.
And then these, Boston Baked Beans. Presumably because I went to Boston last year. But ThatManILove doesn't care why I got them...and promptly scarfed them down.
And these cute Pet Pals pocket tissues. Which reminds me, when my mom would go to the casino, she would stick her tissues into her bra. I kid you not.
And some Sponge Bob drinking cups. I don't have a clue, seriously,
And a check register. A blank one, at that. Just waiting for me to utilize it. Ain'ta gonna happen, I tell you. I check my accounts online, and if the balance is close to what I think it should be, I'm good. (God, I hope our CPA isn't reading this!) (If you are, Kyle, when I think of it, I download my account to Quick Books. Yeah. That's it. Just to make your job easier every year. Because all my thoughts are of you and how well you save us money. That's right.
I guess this sprayer is to wash my dogs. Or ThatManILove. Or something. I'm really trying hard here to think how Susie thinks, but, nah...I'm too tired. I think she's an underappreciated genius, so I'm not gonna even go there.
And, for those of us with constipation problems, here I have a box of Kellogg's Complete Wheat Bran. Gotta love it.
And....these cool glasses. I would seriously kill to have eyelashes like this. I think they make my eyes pop, don't you? And don't laugh at my hair or my lack of makeup, it's freaking 11:11 pm on a work night. I just don't care!
Ah, yeah. Zen tea, baby, Tazo style. The Susie-girl shares a love of Starbucks with me, she does.
I think this is a night light. I'm scared to plug it could be a nuclear bomb. Yeah? No.
Cool pens, a purple post-it pad, and a Shooter Sticker. That girl KNOWS me.
And a skateboard. With wheels. Works. I have no clue what it symbolizes
I already talked about this part of the box, but I can't get the pix to delete, so you get a rerun.
And this Mad Lib book. It's really cool, but the little girl who owned it is going to be pissed off that I have it now. Just sayin'.
I have no idea. Pasties???
Oh! Pilates! I should be able to lose weight now! What do I do next? Read the book? Can't I just put it on my bedside table and it will make me lose weight just by being by my side? Can't I?
Hey, little pinky won't find it this freakin' Cinderella slipper. Don't push me. I have a friend with a shovel.
Ohhhhhh. A Starbucks mug, a pretty one. I think it may be used. Not really! Okay, it might be used, but it's nothing my dishwasher won't sterilize!!

Anyway, isn't all that SWEET? Now, I'm going to send the happy box back, full of surprises. Thanks, Susie! Love ya, girlfriend!

If YOU want a Happy Box, let me know. I'll see how I can surprise you!


The Doozie said...

You're so awesome. Yes the starbucks thing was used, that's the beauty of it. I love what you've done with this, and can't wait to see what you send back to me!!!

Joanie M said...

All that cool stuff came in that little box? That Susie sure can pack a box for shipping! I can't wait to see what you send her too.

darsden said...

WoW how cool was that and now I am crying cuz I don't have a box like that and want one...nanananananana flying out

Linda said...

That was truly a box of surprises- it must have been fun seeing such random things come out of it!

Divine Chaos said...

hehehe too cute :) that little skateboard was all the rage for a while .. all the kids were playing with them. My daughter has 2 or 20around here somewhere lol

larshannon said...

Tech Deck is a hot commodity at our house. I loved your box. What a great idea.

Tom NS said...

There's a cute company in the UK that creates thoughtful, bespoke hampers just like yours - Check 'em out.