Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shooting for ... fun!!

One of the reasons I changed jobs was to have more personal time; to get my life back, in a sense.

And today, for the first time in like two years, I went shooting with a client – just for the fun of it! Oh, I know, I shoot sporting clays and hunt all the time – but always at tournaments. And usually, those are ones I’m actually helping host – which makes the shooting a little more stressful.

I never go shoot just for the fun of it.

Today, we did, and had a great time. It was an absolutely beautiful day here in Midland. And I kicked proverbial butt. I shot a 74. Really. Okay, yes, I did, but it was a 74/114. So, not quite up to my stellar shotgun sally self.

But, you know, wind willing, I might just go shoot again tomorrow.

Dan Carlisle will be proud of me. I have my third (over a four year span, by the way) lesson scheduled in May. Dan will be so glad I finally did what I've promised for the last two years, practice following a lesson..."I will carve out time to practice, Dan, just for me. I will." I must make good on my word. After all, if I keep taking lessons from him and not applying what he's taught me, I might as well just give him a check for $350 and walk off, right?

No. I MUST practice. I MUST practice.

After all, Somebody I know has been coveting my High Overall Lady trophies - and creeping up on my scores steadily. Can't have that. Sibling rivalry and all, you know?



thisisme said...

Wow - time for fun and pleasure. Congratulations - it sounds like you had a good day.

Janie said...

Oh, girl, we did! Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

scotte said...

Hey now I'm not coveting the trophies, just the overall score. The overall women's score trophy wouldn't sit well on my mantle. Unless you have been schooling my better half!!!!
Happy Easter and holler if you want to see a replica of yourself hunting easter eggs.

Snooty Primadona said...

Okay, this sounds like me after a golf lesson when the pro says "PRACTICE". I never do, but I at least write down what he says, lol. Since I'm playing tomorrow morning, perhaps I'll follow your lead & practice a bit first. Yeah. Right. Way to go!

Janie said...

Doesn't Scott sound sweet here? Y'all should have heard what he said when he got me on the phone. I knew I'd get him riled up!

Brothers...where would I be without them? As to the "replica of yourself" statement, Scott's precious granddaughter looks just like I did when I was a baby. It's too wierd.

Snooty - Girlfriend, have fun playing golf in the morning! It's supposed to be a beautiful day!! Do you know my golfing friend Lettia?

Snooty Primadona said...

Can't say that I know a Lettia. Or a Lettie. I know a lot of other players by face more than by name, genius that I am, lol. We mostly play with other couples, but occasionally the hubbys together and the wives together, following the hubbys so that they aren't bird-dogging us the whole time, thank you.

Janie said...

She's a Greentree player, mostly. I think she's won the City tourney a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

so what do you think about the glock .40 for ladies?

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

I never thought it good form to always beat the client....

Janie said...

I like Glocks, Doozie. I'm going to get my concealed handgun permit. Not for any reason, just for the challenge of it. But I don't think you can take it with that borrow one for the course, if you can, then get what you want.

Poet - that's right...but I never have to worry about beating my clients...they're like ace shooters. The guy I shot with today won the Nationals in .20 gauge.

Crazy, huh? Always gives us room to "rope up", as it were.