Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, the Continental gods were busy blessing someone else, I guess. We finally got home last night at midnight. Ate cereal for supper, then got up at 5:30 a.m. this morning to go work on the AADE Texas Tech shoot. And…it was a whopping 23 degrees when I boarded my shooting cart with my team to go shoot. Fifteen hours later, I’m still cold.

But…we had fun, and raised money for a great cause – the furthering of education! And, Scott joined our team at the last minute. Though he may whine, he finished right behind me on scoring. And that’s after he missed shooting at two stations, due to his late arrival. In other words, peeps, Scott would have BEATEN my score, had he started when we did. Well, anyway, as bad as my shooting was, I won the award he will never win….High Overall Lady. He just can’t do it like his sister!

It was fun to have him shoot with us…and thank God, he brought gloves for me, because my hands were freezing. And he loaned me a cap, because the wind was howling, and my hair was screaming! Hard to shoot effectively when your hair’s whipping in front of your eyes.

As I headed into town, I called Bob and Cherie and we met for supper. That was fun. MLH just left town to work on a well, and will be up all night on location – so, he wasn’t able to join us.

Tomorrow, Zack the Wonder Dog has a field trial, and I’m shooting over him. I don’t think it’s going to be any warmer by then. Zoie will go along to watch. Well, I can’t leave her by herself – she starts howling, and as pretty and girly as she is, she has this deep, deep, loud voice – it absolutely sounds eerie when she starts to howl. If I can tear her away from MLH, she will probably be heading to the trainer on Sunday. Maybe I should write a new book, “Zoie Goes To Hunting Kindergarten.”

I’m just hoping she doesn’t get kicked out!
Later days!


scotte said...

15 hours----dedication , most people won't believe. I do
I had a blast today! Thanks for letting me shoot with your team! They are a great group , I'm proud of your choice.

By the way, I missed those last 4 on purpose--I know how to get invited again!!
love ya

Anonymous said...


I want to do this sort of thing, but I don't have the courage

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I said that because It makes no sense

Anonymous said...

I think I said that because I was in lala land and I could not get out

so there you go....doozie has gone off her rocker

Janie said...

Scott - anytime, brother, anytime! I had a blast.

Doozie - don't worry, chica, I totally understand. We've got to get you shooting soon. And as to your courage, I'd say you have courage a-plenty. Single mom, working her butt off to support her family, well, it's all good! And you would be such a good shotgunner! And it. is. too. much. fun.


Anonymous said...

Zoie gets her voice from the Pepsi side--Pepsi sounds like a very upset SEAL when she gets going!!!

Janie said...

Terri - that's exactly how she sounds! It's hilarious!! Have fun at finals, we're not going...