Sunday, April 8, 2007

Zack and Gloria Steinem

Me: “Guys, don’t forget, tomorrow morning, I’m Houston bound.”

Zack hops onto the bed.

Me: “Who changed the channel from the Today Show to Babar?”

MLH: “Must have been Zack. Zack, did you change the channel?”

Zack: “Daaaaaaaaad! I was reading the other day and learned that I was going to have to start exerting my choice. I like Babar. So you can kiss my liver-colored bo-hiney!”

MLH: “Zack, watch your language.”

Zack: “You guys have forgotten what ERA is all about.”

Pregnant pause.

MLH: “Zack, ERA is about women’s rights.”

MLH gives Zack his “what do you think about that?” look.

Another pause.

Zack: “And the problem?”

Moments pass as the standoff continues.

From the fringe edge of my bed, I'm it Monday yet?

1 comment:

Geo said...

Ah, the good old 70's. I loved the line from Tony Soprano to one of his kids -- "In this house it's the 1950's."