Monday, April 9, 2007

Random acts of travel...

Well, it’s just another manic Monday…except I’m in Houston.

MLH helped me pack last night, and finished up this morning. I probably overpacked, but it’s going to be a wild week and it’s hard to know what to wear. Guys have it SOOOOO easy.

(Did I tell you I hate to travel without MLH? Well, I meant to say that. )

Itinerary is Monday through Thursday, Houston. Friday through Sunday, Dallas. Sunday evening through Tuesday morning, OKC. At least MLH will get to join me for the weekend, if all goes well.

Hertz agent: “Yes, ma’am, are you ready for your confirmation number, and thanks for booking with Hertz!?”

Me: “Don’t get too excited there honey, I’ve got two more reservations to go, I’m trying to go for the record racking up those Gold points.”

The Hertz agent got so tickled we had a hard time resuming our conversation. She must be easily amused.

Yesterday, probably due to the holiday, I missed my Mom and big brother. Sometimes missing them just washes over me like a wave. And I can be doing the weirdest things – nothing that would remind me of them. I miss them. Sometimes it’s no big deal, and sometimes I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them walked through the door, their presence is that tangible.

Have a dinner date tonight with some of my AADE peers from New Orleans – I know I can count on them to hustle us up some good grub. Tomorrow morning, we start the conference registration at 6am. The college students’ breakfast social is at 7a.m., then the conference kick-off, then we’re off to a bit plant tour at 11:30 or so.

Have a blessed night!


jennifer said...

Safe travels. And I'm sorry your missing your mom and brother. hugs.

Rachel said...

I echo Jennifer - Safe travels. I can understand the missing relatives thing - so my thoughts are with you!

Pam said...

Hang in there...missing your family on holidays is a pretty regular happening around here. Love to you and MLH and Zach...I know they're missing you today. Hope to talk with you this weekend.

Karen said...

Welcome to our fair city! Busy, busy. I can relate!

At least the weather should be good.

Karen said...

Check out today's post. Your blog is noted in my list!

Taleen said...

Can't beat a travel bird!

Pam said...

Well, since you're traveling and working, I'll just add to your post...It SUCKS to be me right now. Just as I was heading for bed last night, I realized that our toilet demon, our plumber calls it that, had struck again. So, hubby and I start sucking water up with the shop vac and carpet cleaner. About 2:30, I gave it up for the night! I am thankful, however, that the water was CLEAN, and that it happened while we were home, as we were scheduled to leave this morning for a trip down to Bryan and Austin. Looks like I will be sucking it up here for the next few days. The roar of the fans in here is somewhat less than the roar of the crowd at the raceway! Just keeping you informed of the continuing saga in Rendon.

Janie said...

Jen, Rachel, Pam, Karen - thanks!!!

Karen - we're going to have to meet for Starbucks or something. If not this time, I'll try to let you know when I'm coming back.

Taleen - you know that's right! Traveling is fun...but wow!

Pam - oh, my Lord, I'm not griping anymore!! Hope everything dries out!