Friday, May 28, 2010

Update...(Can You Still Put Them Up For Adoption After 20?)

Elder Son is doing better - he's mobilized, he's up and going, and already horseback again.  I sent him a text to see what he was doing and here's how it went:

Me:  What are you doing?
ES:  Riding a bronc...he's as hard headed as me.
Me: (Oh.My.God.Does.He.Have.A.Working.Brain.Cell.??) And your leg?
ES:  It hurts but what's new?
Me: (I swear he's going to drive me to drink.) What about the doc?
ES:  Gonna be Tues or Thurs next week

I guess we'll know more then.  His Nanny got out of the hospital today, and will be recuperating at her daughter's house.  Thanks so much for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated.

As to the Younger Smartalecjustlikehisfather Son, after his last April Fool's joke - prank - I thought his dad was going to kill him Facebook event where he told the world he had just found out he was going to be  a father, he is breathing.  I swear.  I saw him.  Yesterday, he changed his FB status to "single".  I couldn't resist, I had to do it.  I posted:  "But what about the BABYYYYY?"  Soon after, one of his friends jumped in: "Oh, did your beer break up with you?  how sad."  

How did that song go? "I believe the children are our future...teach them well and they will lead the way..."  RUN! RUN!!!!!!

And now, for an update on the backyard....FINALLY, things are moving along!  Artificial turf and sealing of flagstone this week...and then, in come the plants.  The pergola is now framed out, and over the next week we'll probably see it come to "be."

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


A. K. said...

The backyard looks like its going to turn out pretty neat... Have a great weekend

Pam said...

Looks good...I know you can't wait to have the first cooking event! Hope you get to rest some this weekend.

Linda said...

Wow, that backyard turned into one big project! Looks nice too.

SSP said...

hahhaahaa - I think both your sons are looking for their angel wings, and you are just the person to make sure they get them! :-) ahh the curse of parenthood.....

SSP said...

i meant BLESSING...of course...the BLESSING of parenthood

sorta... I am not one, so I can't speak with any authority....

Snooty Primadona said...

Wow, you really have a full plate right now, don't you?

I think your backyard is really looking great & I love the arbor thingy!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend...